Custom Photography Services

E Image Chicago offers a wide array of photography services. We have the artistic eye and technical mastry to produce stunning images for commercial, professional and personal applications. We can create attention grabbing portraits for business, yet sensitive and emotional portraits for the individual. Our commercial clients routinely report increases in business thanks to the images we produce for their marketing and sales materials.

Retouching and Photo Enhancement

Whether it be people, products or things, we can make every photo look its best.

E Image Chicago can retouch and enhance any images, including those provided by our clients. In today's digital environment there is virtually no limit to what we can do, from gentle and tastefully made corrections to the most spectacular transformations.

Archiving and Restoration

Our cutting edge equipment allows us to quickly and expertly archive your vintage or recent photographs and digital images. Once archived, they can be shared with family and friends. Archiving your important photographs can insure they can be reproduced in the event that your originals are lost or damaged.

E Image Chicago can digtally restore vintage and damaged photographs and heirlooms. Once restored, the images will be saved in a universal format. The restored images can then be printed and reprinted in a multitude of sizes.

Design Services

The team at E Image Chicago can help you design your new company logo, lay out pages for you promotional materials or design your website. We can help you create the best visual statement for your company's success.